Monday, June 25, 2012

Doc Finishes Runner up in Utah Regional!!

I want to thank matt tanner for running doc for me in the utah regional, i had to be with my daughter in vegas for a dance competetion. Doc did very well, just missed out on winning the whole thing. It was hottt!! 90 plus degrees, and tuff to find birds! We will get em next year...

Monday, April 30, 2012

Doc's offspring

Please everyone out there with a pup out of doc, let me know the progress of your pup, and some pictures. I have had a ton of feed back...sounds like doc is throwing some fantastic offspring. I have taken several calls, but alway forget to tell you to send some pictures and progress of your dog.

So please email me!

HonkyTonk Cash x Backhawk's Shooting Star Pups

UPDATE!! Doc has been bred to star, pups should be born around the end of june. Please call to get on the waiting list. Star had 4 puppies, and they are doing well, still a few spots open...

Due June 30th 2012

Monday, April 18, 2011

1x Champion!!!

Well doc got it done, he went into the best of the west trial April 15-17 with 10 points. He took two first placements and one second placement to complete his 1x nstra championship. Doc is a true competitor, with an amazing nose, and style!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blackhawk's English Pointers

Hello, i am kurt coburn starter of blackhawk kennels. My interest in bird dog's began when i was a young boy hunting with my dad and his dog's. I think it is something that is embedded in your heart forever, at least for me. I have fallen in love with the English pointer breed, the style stamina, prey drive and sheer eagerness to please is amazing.

I thank you for looking at our kennel we are not a puppy farm nor your run of the mill dog factory. We are focused on producing only the finest, highest quality bird dog's available. I only have what i can manage and give my full attention to.

I am a huge fan of HonkyTonk Attitude and the dog's he has produced, I have found some of the greatest traits out of these lines, sheer bird dog's with great noses. I also am a huge fan of crowes little joe, these dog's records speak for themselves, i am grateful for these dog's in the pointer world, and for what they have done.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and be sure to visit all the pages, i love to chat bird dog's so if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much


CONTACT: (801) 404-1030

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, last Saturday was the regional finals for Utah. doc was qualified, so was star but she ran in Arizona's, and you can only run in one region, so doc was my only hope to win. The trial grounds were beautiful they were up around woodland, a place called wolf creek. It was overcast with on and off rain, but overall great conditions to run dog's.

The way the regional trial format work's is, there were 26 dog's qualified, so they draw dog's and we have 13 braces. The top 6 highest scores move on to the finals. Then the top 2 from the top 6 run for the championship.

Let's just say me and doc should have ran in the championship. Doc just squeaked in 6th place in the qualification round, we should have done better but had a couple of bad breaks. So on to the top six we go, doc drew the last brace with a really good female pointer named pepsi, who won the qualification round. So we waited with butterflies in the stomach until are turn.

We got a bad start, doc was casting out and ran over the top of a bird and it flew and he couldn't resist and went and got it...... so no score there. We went on up the valley and bing dog goes on point a solid point.............$hit can't find a bird anywhere. So on we go again, doc rolls up this hill and bing solid point again. I call find look down to close my gun, look back up and bird wild flushes, and doc starts to go but i called him off of it. This should be a scored bird, with no chance to retrieve, because i was to far away to shoot and it wild flushed. But unfortunately the judge did not see any of it he was below me trying to make his way up the hill, and a judge cannot judge what he cannot see. It was hard to take, but being a judge myself i know this was the right call.

So I'm into this half hour brace halfway with no birds!!!!! I know the other guy has at least 2. So on we go doc was handling very good quartering and covering alot of ground, we came down off this little draw and bam he hit one hard, i walk over flush shoot......bird goes down i walk over an d release doc and he didn't mark the bird very well. We couldn't get the retrieve, it was a long retrieve and we tried for 3 minutes to get it. For those who don't know once you shoot a bird you cannot move from the spot you shot it from, so i was throwing sticks and rocks trying to get him to locate it with no luck. I am ready to puke at this point. So i finally moved on and doc ran 5o yards and bam hit another one, this time i am letting doc release at the shot. So i go flush, shoot , and kill the bird and doc scoops up the retrieve, and there was only 2 minutes left so we finished with 2 finds but only one retrieve. for a score of 406. The 3rd place had 470 if i would of had that retrieve or the wildflush bird we would have been in the championship. AgHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Anyway the winner was very deserving and did a great job congrats to jason wilde and molly they did great.

I am very proud of my dog's accomplishments over the last year, star accumulated 11 points in one year and doc only trialed half a year and accumulated 5.


Star finishes 6th in the Arizona regional, i decided to let star run the the arizona's regional this year because she is in heat at the time of our regional here in utah. She took 1st in the qualification round and finished 6th. She is a fine dog and will have a great trialing season in 2010!